Our Story

I am not wealthy , influential or all the niceties people think I’m favored with.

I struggle with my daily needs , I work hard to be greater and to be where I am currently positioned in life .

In spite of the daily struggles , I have come to realize that a Man that has no shoes is way more favored than one that has no legs.

I grew up in a time , where we needed a lot but the world gave so little . Friends , relatives all turned their back on us. Three square meal was a luxury, but my Parents had to borrow to make sure we were educated and well fed

I lived a comfortable life not because we had enough but because my Parents made sure we didn’t lack at great costs .

The story has long changed now and I’m glad that my upbringing changed my view to life.

People get scorned and humiliated because they cannot afford to cater for themselves .

Men and ladies alike are subjected to inhumane actions for them to be provided with succor.

Still I Rise Foundation was borne out of the need to change the world one person at a time . To make people see a reason to smile , to assist people with no strings attached , to help heal the broken, put a smile on the faces of the downtrodden and make the world a better place.

The foundation still has a long way to go , we cannot do it all alone . I hope you assist us in any way you can . Morally with your well wishes and support, spiritually with your prayers and financially to help reach out to more of the underprivileged in our society.

I have been blessed with seasoned team members who make the job of catering for the poor actually fun . We are still growing and despite the current economic situation , we remain resilient in our cause

written by Mr Chiedu

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Lives Impacted Through Communal Projects


SIRF saves time

I wasn’t paid my salary for the previous month..my kid was about to start exams & I had nothing on me.

I wrote to SIRF for help especially as exams were already going on… They did their findings and came through for me..

I’m really grateful for this…

God bless SIRF ..staff & CEO.

M. Adams.

A Heartfelt Appreciation

I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to this foundation, for coming to my family rescue, at this very point in time, when I needed to pay for my kids fees.
The foundation raised a financial support, which I never expected, and this lifted the burden off, my family. It is a big relief and we are very grateful for this kind gesture and support.
May God continue to expand this foundation and bless every soul, behind these supports.

Thank you.

Ayoade Kazeem O.

Appreciate message

Good morning stillirise foundation
About few days ago I laid a complain to them that I’m not feeling fine which is ulcer that have been disturbing me and they came through my rescue I’m so so much grateful, I want use this medium to appreciate the founder of the organisation and the entire staffs for all the contribution towards the society thanks for the humanity, may God continue to bless all the donor.
I’m very much grateful.

Ummuqulsum nuhu

Hope came when I thought I have lost it through stillrise

I quit my job,lost my accomodations,all hope was lost,I was sad, depressed,angry,and then I decide to email stillrise foundation,I got a reply in less than 24 hours ,and got a 60k alert few mins later,I am super grateful and happy and hopeful again ,thanks for helping me out , God bless you guys ijn 🙏



Good day Still I rise foundation I really want to appreciate u guys for ur kind gestures towards my friends baby cos the baby was diagnosed with neonatal sepsis and difficulty in respiratory at FMC and we have spent a lot but d bills was getting beyond us so I reached out to the foundation on her behalf and they came through for us Valhalla and Mr Chinedu thank u so much sir may u never lack in life, ANGELA I really appreciate u ma’am for ur patient and care and sis BUSAYO for ur words of encouragement i really appreciate u too thanks so much ma’am and may Almighty God bless all the teams and brains behind d foundation Amin.


Heartfelt Gratitude

Super excited!!!!! GOD bless this wonderful organization for coming through for me when I needed help most
I reached out to them as I needed money to sort out my NYSC Registration and clearance in school and they reached out
God bless the Stillirise team
God bless the founder!!!!

Mark Victory

Shop Restart (food stuff)

I thank the foundation as they came through for my family/wife with the sum of #50,000 to get back on track in reopening/stucking good on her shop. Thank you for what you do for humanity

kenneth Ajanaku

Thank you so much

God sent still i rise foundation to me when I least expected
They saved us from public humiliation
They cleared my son hospital bills

Thank you very much still i rise foundation
Thank you very much
God bless you

Oladokun Temitope

Lost count of times I have been saved by the organization

Again!!!!!! I came again and I got help without discrimination….Thank you for taking care of what would have caused a halt with my new job…I got a sum of 65,000 naira…
I am more than grateful.
God bless SIRF
God bless MR CHIEDU.


Tuition Fee paid!

On the 9th of May, I sent an email to this wonderful organsation regarding my tuition fee which was meant to due on the 16th of May.All hope was lost when I’m yet get a feedback, Luckily for me, on the 13th of May I got a call from the organisation and my ID was verified through video call by Miss Aishat. Within 24hours my case was approved and I got a credit alert of 60,000 from the foundation . I am more than grateful. My prayer is that God will remain faithful to the founder and the Team of #stilliriseorganisation

Oladosu Funmilayo

School fees paid!

I reached out to this organization soliciting for help regarding my due school fees, My exams was meant to commence in the 14th, I had given up hopes. I got a call from the org on the 13th , my ID was verified and they proceeded to clear out the school fees. May God’s blessing never seize in the life of the financier and all the staff for the uplifting manner of approach and consideration.
Tomorrow, I can majestically walk into the exam hall, to write my papers.

Olanrewaju D.O


I cried to this wonderful foundation for help as regards my late mom’s burial being that I am the first child with much responsibilities to shoulder and also a single mom of 3 kids; to my uttermost surprise I got a credit alert of 100k for support to get casket and clear the morgue fees. My dad says thank you

God bless the founder and staff of STILLIRISE FOUNDATION.

Ekefon Edung

A big thank you

Devastation was almost going to make me dive into criminal acts, I was ready to do what it would take, the suffering was much, but at that point where I was going to give up this foundation helped my life, now i have my own apartment and paid my project fee..
God bless this foundation for ever

Adegbesan Moses Olamide

Grateful Heart

I want to thank stillirsefoundation for coming through for my family, they are really God’s sent. Eversince My wife was pregnant I have been trying to make things right but no way for me to buy baby’s item’s plus the hospital list to… I keep borrowing to keep her save it was not easy for me i continue until my wife told me that there is an organization that do help online (Facebook) and which she texted the Stillirise organization which they reply us a week before delivery date my wife told me that Stillirise are coming to see us in my house and which they did when my wife was in the hospital already. when my wife was in the hospital the doctor called me and told me that she can’t delivered normally that it is through cs she has to, I was weak in the body but Stillirise organization told me not to worry that they will help me. They paid the hospital bill and the operation was carried out immediately. my wife and the baby came out alive and health all because of this foundation. I am very happy that Stillirise organization came to save my family without money given to them .
I pray for Stillirise organization that God that know how they raised fund’s for the needed will continue to provide and it will never let Stillirise organization go down in Jesus name I pray. Amen

David James Ayodele

A grateful Heart

I want to thank stillirsefoundation for coming through for my family, they are really God’s sent. Eversince My wife was pregnant I have been trying to make things right but no way for me to buy baby’s item’s plus the hospital list to… I keep borrowing to keep her save it was not easy for me i continue until my wife told me that there is an organization that do help online (Facebook) and which she texted the Stillirise organization which they reply us a week before delivery date my wife told me that Stillirise are coming to see us in my house and which they did when my wife was in the hospital already. when my wife was in the hospital the doctor called me and told me that she can’t delivered normally that it is through cs she has to, I was weak in the body but Stillirise organization told me not to worry that they will help me. They paid the hospital bill and the operation was carried out immediately. my wife and the baby came out alive and health all because of this foundation. I am very happy that Stillirise organization came to save my family without money given to them .
I pray for Stillirise organization that God that know how they raised fund’s for the needed will continue to provide and it will never let Stillirise organization go down in Jesus name I pray. Amen

David James Ayodele


I’m saying a big thank you to the foundation, for coming through for me and my family in getting some foodstuffs. May God continue to replenish the source the money comes from. God bless the foundation, God bless Valhalla, God bless you my nonso, God bless the volunteer Mr Shola too. God bless you all. May you never be helpless and found lacking of good things

Michael Sarah kanyinsade


I want to thank the foundation from the depth of my heart for its tremendous help. I reached out to the foundation to assist a long-time friend (a lovely friend) who was critically ill at first, I was skeptical about it, but I decided to give it a try. The foundation responded swiftly and positively to my request and rendered a massive help to my friend. I want to thank God for coming through for my friend through. STILL I RISE FOUNDATION, and I pray that everyone who contributed to my friend’s betterment and recovery will experience God’s favour, mercy and blessing.

joy ikeabego


I sent an email to the organization detailing how I have been struggling to raise transport fare from school back to home. Not less than few hours, one of the team members reached out to me via phone call and confirmed my request. Boom, I saw a credit alert worth more than what I requested for. Joy filled my soul and I pray the organization keep growing. God bless Mr Valhalla and every single member of this organization for this initiative. Now I can travel home to see my family☺


A BiG NAGODE (Thank you)

My name is Omote, I am a single parent of two.
I reside is Kaduna State.
I was really down with so much bills to settle and that affected my business, I ran to this amazing and God sent organization and family, they came through for me and my business. Words aren’t enough to express my profound gratitude to the Founder( Mr Chinedu) Valhalla, you’ll never know sorrow or worries In Jesus Name!
Your Orisun( sources) will never dry up.
To the hard working and amazing staff members God bless you all.
Thank you so very much!

Martins Omotola Augustina

Drinks and pos business

I don’t know how to start this but I will say thank God and thank you still arise founder and the wonderful team. You all will continue to be blessed in Jesus name. I just send a mail to the foundation and suddenly a lady called me before the end of the week I have started my own business that have been pending for 3 month now. Thank you Jesus and thank you foundation.

Tejiri Matthew

Thank you so much

It was indeed a great miracle when I received the alert of 550,000 just within 24hours of sending a mail to stillirise foundation, after explaining the situation of my sick mum to them.
They even came to check us in the hospital here in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital LASUTH Ikeja.
This can only be God manifesting himself in human.
Thank you so much.
My family is grateful.
God bless you.
God will never leave the conveyer o and all his secret prayer will be answered in Jesus name.
Thank you so much.

Owodunni Omobolanle


I don’t even know where to start. I was this close, this close to being thrown out into the streets…but StillIRise Organization showed up for me in less than no time.
I’m grateful. My family’s grateful. Thank you Valhalla sir, thank you Mr Momoh, thank you StillIRiseOrganization for treating my case with utmost priority..may the good Lord bless you.

Joy Marshal Etuk

Shown of love

I can’t express my Joy, words really failed me.
Currently am thunderstruck due to what used his servants or servant to do in my life. I was on the verge of giving up because I lost my parents very early and Simultaneously I was in 100l, their death dashed my hope for a Serene academic journey. Then I have been surviving at the mercy of grace . i thought it won’t come to pass but God has done it as he used his servant to settled my school fee issue. Glory be to God for this orphan is not despair anymore. God will reward those behind this

Alih John Onuche

Grateful Heart

My name is ifeoluwa adekunleI, am really happy right, I want to thank the still i rise organisation for help me on food stuffs.. I already lose hope, still I rise come through for me…
God bless Still I rise foundation members
God bless still I rise
God bless Valhalla, may God continue to strengthen him more and more

Adekunle ifeoluwa hope

Still I rise came to my rescue

I write this testimony with joy and happiness, I was having this serious pain on my leg as a result of the dislocation i had since last year things have not been going well with me financially since I had the dislocation as i barely walk normal,i wrote to the foundation for financial assistance to treat my self a very gentle and kind soul was assigned to handle my case (pere),thank you so much ma, after her investigation 30thousand naira was sent to my account for my treatment,thank you so much still I rise foundation for indeed you are a God sent foundation.

Abdullahi jafaru

Life savings

Words alone can’t express how happy I am now, still I rise foundation came through, about to be throw out of my house, they hear the cry and put an everlasting smile on my face, I really appreciate, God will honor you still i rise foundation.. to the Boss you will never die young, you will fulfill the number of days God has given u…. God will continue to keep you for long sir

Omotoyinbo Seun

POS capital

I just want to use this medium to appreciate the organisation Still I Rise for coming through for me when I almost gave up. I seek help for a capital to start POS business and they came through for me with the sum of 100k. Thanks so much and God will continue to bless the organisation and the CEO in person of Mr Patrick. I’m so grateful sir.

Osindoro Gbade

Grateful heart

I am really really grateful for what you did for I and my family
Thank you for the assistance we are grateful
God bless you 🙏🙏

Esther Chigozie

Still i rise organization my One in a million

I was diagnosed of pneumonia, i had no one to run to for help, I was sick coupled with the fact that I had no money to feed well made me more sick, I was confused on which I should handle first, I heard of this foundation from a friend, like play like play I wrote to still i rise requesting for help to get drugs for my sickness to my greatest surprise still I rise came to my rescue with more than I ever expected, from the money sent to me I didn’t just buy drugs for my self I also got foodstuff. Thank you still i rise God will continue to bless you

Solomon okon


This organization is one of the best ever. They have helped many people who have hitherto given up on themselves, myself inclusive. They gave me hope. They made me happy. God bless Valhalla, God bless Still I Rise Foundation, God bless every single person involved in this process. Amen!!!

Damilola Tiamiyu


I am so glad, I was so shocked
I had no one to run, my loan was due, and I was already getting messages and calls, because messages were sent to almost all my contacts
I really appreciate STILLIRISE for saving me, they helped me clear it all
May God always bless you ijn, amen

Adeleye Tobby David


I want to say a very big thank you to STILL I RISE FOUNDATION for coming through to support me in a very short notice, I was seeking assistance in regards my NYSC and they help me, I am very grateful, may God continue to bless you and the foundation Amen.

Emmanuel Eboh

Help at Last

When I was almost giving up on life, just when I was seeing myself as a failed father as I couldn’t pay my kids school fees, God used this great foundation to give me hope. I got a school fees support of 40k God bless you sir, you will never fail in all your endeavors. I am so grateful.

Victor Mafeng

A very big thanks

It was indeed almost impossible until I contacted STILL I RISE FOUNDATION and they made it possible. My rent as a new student was paid. I am very grateful to this foundation for this kind gesture. I pray to God to continue to be with and guide every members/staffs including the Founder.

I am deeply grateful to this Foundation.

Oladosu Mayowa I.

My last hope

Actually had no one to meet for my school fees,so I contacted Stillirise Foundation,and I was helped it was my last hope they helpedme ,God sent an angel to me through stillirise foundation when I needed and also got more than I expected,thanks so much still irise Foundation I really appreciate

Chukwuka Victor

My God Sent

I couldn’t stop crying when I saw the alert, they are exactly God’s Sent to me. Being a student (Orphan) and little help from family has kept me into lots of debt in different angle. Owing 2 years house rent in school and sleeping outside over and over due to Caretaker treat and so on.
Today I’m alive and I can breath freely without any message remembering me of any debt… Am one of the living withness that gained from this Foundation…Thanks for helping me when I thought it almost over for me.
I want to say big thanks to Still I Rise Foundation for their total support.

Faborode Adeyeye Emmanuel

Still I rise foundation

Words alone can’t express how happy I am now, this is a dream come through..still I rise foundation is a father and mother to the Les privilege,they hear the cry of an orphan and put an everlasting smile on my face, I write this appreciation with tears rolling down my face, thank you for making me feel like the luckiest person on earth… The best gift a man can give is accommodation and still I rise came to my aid, thank you still i rise for I am sure my late parents are pouring their prayers now on this great foundation… God will honor you as you have chosen to honor an orphan.

Sandra Zechariah

When I thought it was over

I really do not know where to start from but I write this with a grateful heart,I was just surfing the internet then I stumble across still I rise foundation,I have a baby and we had nothing to eat but I wrote to the foundation and I was called later on to ascertain my claims and they came through for us..I and my family is so greatful..May the Lord bless the foundation and it will move from grace to grace.

Oladejo Folashade

Thank you still i rise for helping me pay my fees

Thank you still i rise for helping me pay my fees

Asogwa Roosevelt

When all hope is lost

I needed money for my HND form I had no body to run to I had already made up my mind that I will not go back for my HND again. But God used still I Rise foundation I listened to one of their program on Radio so I send them a mail and they reopened to me am still surprise They gave me money to by my HND form am grateful God bless you all thank you for caring for humanity

Daniel uche Chijiokwu


I want to thank Still I Rise Foundation for coming to my aid by providing my son’s school fees. They came through when I really needed help because I was already fed up and confused. My son has not been going to school and that has been giving me headache. Still I rise organization came through for me by paying my son school fees 100k. May the Lord continue to bless Still I Rise Foundation and everyone associated to the organization.
Thank thank thank You Still I Rise Foundation
Aiyedogbon Busola

Aiyedogbon Rashidat Busola

Thank you for the cash gift for my daughter’s birthday

My name is Sunny i want to say a very big thank you to the Management and all staff of Stillirisefoundation for coming through for my daughter with a cash gift donation towards her first birthday when i reached out to them.

It was prompt and swift and the lady that responded to us was very cheerful and accomodating it was a thing of joy when we received the alert now we can get her a cake and some other things to celebrate on her birthday.

God bless you all abundantly and may the foundation always go up and never come down in Jesus name Amen.

sunny osim


On sunday, 24th of october 2021.I had beaten myself up, kept convincing myself that if I sent a mail to the organization for help that I would be ignored knowing that they have come through for me , not once, twice… After a lot of thoughts, I decided to send the mail…
Lo and behold, I was not judged. I got the help I needed and more(sum of 50,000naira) .I even got a fees therapy session😭😭😭😭…
I am indeed grateful. I was not judged or ignored as I assumed. Thank you to the whole team of STILLIRISE ORGANIZATION.

Oyebamiji Lydia Abosede

I am very grateful

I am really grateful to stillirise foundation for putting smiles on the face of me and my family. I can’t believe such organization exist in Nigeria. May God reward and bless the organization.

Olawale Kareem

A Grateful Heart

Here, I’m thinking how to go about it, in getting my baby items, but God use still i rise organization to helped me out, I’m so filled with so much joy right now… My prayer is that God will continue to bless and uphold you all, more of God’s grace… Thank you so much, I’m more than grateful🙏🙏🙏

Akinwumi Damilola


I really want to appreciate still I rise foundation who make my hope still come alive ,am always in debt of praise to God for working through the foundation.

ihiabe chubiyo

Still I Rise Foundation is God-sent to us

Being a single mom and a student with no family support at the same time is a real deal.
I have been following the organization on Twitter for a while now and seen testimonials from beneficiaries so, I mustered courage and solicited for help for my kid’s school fees and back-to-school kit (since it’s the beginning of a new term) from the organization.
They obliged and supported me with #40,000
I am overwhelmed!
Thank you so much Still I Rise Foundation
My son and I say a very big thank you and pray that the organization continues to grow in leaps and bounds!
Thank you so much!


A school saver

I just want to thank this organization for helping me with my school fees. I pray God will continue to bless this organization

Owope oladipupo Michael

Answer to prayer

Words alone can’t express how happy I am. Could this be true or am I dreaming? Please wake me up.with just an email text and a call my mood was changed from sadness to happiness, I was short of cash to buy drugs for my babies and good food to eat after giving birth to my babies (twin) I called the foundation for help and to my greatest surprise dey came to my aid beyond my expectations all this was achieved in less than 7hours, now I can buy drugs and other things. thank you still i rise organization my God will put smile in ur faces just the way you put smile on our faces. I am short of words but God alone knows how greatful I am… Thank you thank you thank you

Salami Habibat

l am Greatful for the Quick Response

I really appreciate the fact that after l messaged Still l rise foundations I was able to get a quick response.

I am greatful for the support you are giving to me for my health condition.

My prayers to you is that God will continue to bless your organisation.

Dosunmu Elizabeth Funmilayo

My son school fees

All thanks to still I rise foundation for helping me with my son school fees I really appreciate this foundation, you shall never lack in Jesus name I really appreciate

Idowu Sarah

Hospital bill

Am really grateful to the still I rise foundation for helping me in my medical bills. I really appreciate your assistance to me God will reward and bless the founder of this great foundation and her staffs.
This foundation is really a God sent foundation. I pray that the good Lord will continue to pray provide finances to the foundation in her mission in helping the needy.
God bless still I rise foundation
God bless the members of the foundation.
Thanks all

Ameh Samuel

Hospital treatment support

Am really grateful to the still I rise foundation for helping me in my medical bills. I really appreciate your assistance to me God will reward and bless the founder of this great foundation and her staffs.
This foundation is really a God sent foundation. I pray that the good Lord will continue to pray provide finances to the foundation in her mission in helping the needy.
God bless still I rise foundation
God bless the members of the foundation.
Thanks all

Ameh Samuel

A grateful and Joyous heart

When I had no one to turn to,still I rise foundation assisted me. I was in need of money for hospital bill, scan, foodstuffs , so I just gave it a shot to mail them. Then my lovely Miss Faith Marshall , contacted me , took up my case. She spoke to me with so much love and care like we have known each other before. Then the next thing, “send us your details” and like that I was assisted with my bills . I am short of words. I never expected it. All I want to say to everyone at Still I rise foundation is that, God’s blessings shall never depart from you all, Success in all your endeavors. To Miss Marshall thank you for being kind to me, May you never lack good things in life, Greater heights in Jesus name.

Olawoore opeyemi

It was so quick & unbelievable

I was having sleepless nights & hv no hope of raising funds for me to baby clothes for my expectant wife when I come across I rise foundation on twitter, I sent them an email immediately & they contacted the following day to confirm my story & few hours later I got d needed funds on my phone. I was so happy & grateful…

Azeez Opeyemi

Payment of school fees.

Tears of Joy is rolling down my eyes. @StillIrisefoundation came through when i’m so in need. I needed to pay my final year school fees in a catering school. I reached out at them, they helped me out within 48hrs. I received an alert of my school fees. God will continue to bless and replenish this organization Abundantly.
Thank You so much #StillIrise

Anakenyi Markmoris

A grateful heart

I have been touched by this great establishment in more ways than I can count. I feel so blessed working in Still I Rise Foundation. May God continue to lift this organisation higher and bless the founders. Amen

Olivia Egwu

Favour located me

Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to this organization, I had a partial deafness since 2 years ago which is gradually becoming complete which I was advised at uch to get a hearing aid device as soon as possible to avoid it, I quickly got an affordable one which did not last at all afterwards I made a lot of efforts to raise the money for a good one which proved abortive and I keep getting scared as the day goes by. I also tried begging for help both on different celebrities pages and dms just to seek for help to get a hearing aid device which all proved abortive also but when I finally sent a message to the foundation, I immediately got a request for my active phone number and they started taking actions about it, I was not able to provide evidences as requested but the still choose to believe in me and arranged to get me a good one which costs nothing less than N50,000… I am indeed very happy, relieved and grateful and I will always remain grateful to the foundation for coming to my aid at the right time. I wish there was a better word than THANK YOU, I would have gladly used that. Thank you thank you thank you very much….. Favour indeed located me through still I rise

Iyanda Zaynab Omolola

A God sent

God actually send stilliriseorganization to me
I reached out to them when I lost all hope and was pretty down
They saved me from depression
I really appreciate it
May God continue to bless you
Thank you very much

Oladokun Umuaani Abisoye


I was at my lowest and still I rise foundation came through for me. I needed money to sort out my school fees for my final year session and get the opportunity to book an accommodation for the first time ever. I came across this foundation through one of the founders,Mr Valhalla, on Twitter. Mr Valhalla is a humble man who blesses people on the timeline. I was afraid to reach out to him on the TL cos he always had a lot of people to attend to. So I looked for how to reach out to him and I found the link to this foundation on his bio. I reached out explaining myself and I got the exact amount I needed to pay my school fees. Thank you still I rise foundation, I’m forever grateful. Now I can have an accommodation for the first time in my school years. God bless all who are involved in this project,Mr. Valhalla and team. May you never lack🙏


A Living Testimony

I am a living testimony of the beautiful things Still I Rise Foundation is doing for people. I am a final year student of the university of benin and at the time,I was really praying to God for a miracle as the session was about to start and I didnt have any money to pay my school fees or book my accommodation for the session. Then I came across this foundation through Mr Valhalla’s account on Twitter. I was seeing how this man was blessing peoples lives enormously on Twitter. I was shy to tell him my needs on the timeline and his dm was not accessible. So I saw the foundation’s link on his bio and decided to try my luck and they have helped me pay my school fees. Thank you Still I Rise Foundation. God bless everyone involved in this project. I wouldn’t have to squat or sleep in classrooms this year. I’m very grateful!



I requested for my school fees assistance on 09/08/2021 via Email
I got a call on 10/08/2021 for the confirmation of the request, after a some moments via WhatsApp chat and video call and sending proof to the official assigned to me and I got a message on 11/08/2021 that my request has been granted.. she requested for my account number and I got the money

I really appreciate
Thanks to the management and the CEO of the Organization
God bless you all ❤️

Omotosho Kehinde Folayemi

God bless Still I Rise foundation… Grateful heart

I can’t thank you guys enough for all you’ve been doing for me.. I wrote a mail to still I Rise helping mail,. Few minutes later I spoke to one of the teams member in person of Faith that i need some funds for food stuff, and to my greatest surprise the foundation sent me 20,000 naira. Which we definitely help on a long run… I’m really grateful… I can mention many more things the foundation have done for me… May God continue to bless you all… You shall never lack.. forward ever 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Omotoyinbo Seun Olusanya

God bless Still I Rise foundation

I solicit for some funds in other to get food stuff via the help mail
Still I Rise foundation comes through
I’m really grateful…
I pray every evil hand that want to bring the foundation and her teams down.. catch fire IJN 🙏… God bless the foundation more and more
Long live to the foundation

Omotoyinbo Seun Olusanya

A grateful heart..More than grateful heart

Hey God, where do I start from..when all hope is lost…@StillIRise.Org came through for me..from O balance to 30k balance…indeed am more than grateful..@StillIRise organization may Good God answer you all before you make your request..Amen…God bless you all..

THANK SIR/MA’AM, I’m forever grateful.
Nwachukwu Esther Chinyere.

Nwachukwu Esther Chinyere

The organization came to my rescue

I needed help to back up my business cos I was laid off and without knowing anyone I reached out to the organization and they came to my rescue. I thank the organization and the lady that attended to me was nice.

Adeleke olamide

Received the sum of 40k to get my wife Baby things.

I want to say a big thank you to Still I rise organization for the big support for my pregnant wife, I am extremely grateful and excited. God bless the founder Mr patrick and the entire team. God in is infinite Mercy will answer all your secret prayers. God bless you and God bless the Team.

Olasunkanmi Kolawole

Angel in Human form

Been starving with my sister for the best part of a month. It has been so rugged and Killing. Stillirise was introduced to me by a neighbor. He told me so many good things but they are too hard to believe… Alas, I have become a testimony. I gave her all the money because she is going to school today… She said how will I cope if I give her all the money, I told her I solicited for the help because of her and she was crying.. I will get myself sorted any which way but I am sad watching my sister suffer… Thank you so much Stillirise … I was so overwhelmed… Thank you Stillirise. Hunger will nevrr be your portion.

Odeyemi olayinka


Not once, not twice but three consecutive times, oh this foundation has been nothing but a source of joy for me and my family as regards my sons medical bill, words can describe how I feel and how grateful I am, may the good lord continue to uplift you in all ramifications…..when all hope seems lost the foundation came through again for me one more time yesterday!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I can seem to find the right words but believe me, you only just didn’t save my sons life you saved mine aswell.God bless you


I found favour

A thousand thank you and God bless you isn’t enough to express how grateful I am to the founder and members of the StillIRise foundation.
I reached out to them when I was badly worried about how to go about my project as the places I expected money from wasn’t forthcoming, and to my amazement, I got a response cos i was already skeptical and God used them in blessing me. I pray that you also will be called Blessed. May Heaven give answers to your prayers before you say them out. I’m forever grateful. Thank you

Funmilayo Adeyanju

Good day everyone

I can’t explicate how much love this organisation have shown me I’m very grateful, may God continue to bless them immensely, the donor, the foundation of the organisation, and the staffs too.
May Allah bless you all, I’m very grateful

Suleman lawal

Startup Support

I want to use this opportunity to thank “StillIRiseFoundation” for granting my request to better myself and that of my family. I really appreciate it and I promise to update the foundation on the progress. I am so so happy. Thank you and God bless.

Ibrahim Danladi Mohammed

Grateful Heart

I’m indeed grateful to this organization for what they did for me. There was no means of getting an accommodation but still I rise organization came through for me, I pray God will continue to uplift and bless this organization. Thank you. I’m grateful.

Rotimi Kolawole


Reached out to the organization for financial assistance as I was writing my semester exams and things were really tough and they came through for me
Really really grateful
God bless every member of the team and Sir Valhalla

Ayeni Eniola

What would I have done without this Foundation

I have really run out of superlatives for Still I Rise. I really don’t know what I would have done without this Foundation. I needed to go for an impromptu job interview, tried sourcing for funds from left, right and centre, all to no avail. I wasn’t sure if my request would be attended to, but I just decided to try to request for assistance to enable me go for this interview. My mind was not even in the whole thing, as I resigned to fate. Surprisingly I got a call from a staff of the Foundation who I explained the whole situation to and I was able to get the money needed to attend the interview. I pray that God Almighty continues to bless and strengthen the Foundation, even as they keep putting smiles on the faces of millions of Nigerians. Thank you so much Still I rise.

Gbenupo Cadmus


who said that God doesn’t exist?, and yes I chose that headline “GRACE FOUND ME “because indeed it located me.
Honestly at first I was doubtful of contacting this organization because I was like would they see my email having have many people contacting them daily, but with faith I sent an email soliciting for financial assistance in order to buy things I need for camp which I would register next month. As God may have it they replied and assisted me within 48hrs of verification
To the founder sir @Valhalla_xo ,my God would continue to bless and protect you. and to faith @scarface_OAP may God bless you for being good and kind hearted


Amakor ogechukwu

Another miracle

Again!!!! I contacted the foundation concerning payment for my school fees and after 48 hours of verification they sent me the money!!! This is the second time they are helping me, I can finally write my final year examination. Thank you so much God replenish your pockets

Adedeji Inioluwa


Just when I thought all hope was lost,@StillIRiseOrg came through for me. I was almost on the verge of dropping out from school due to inadequate funds for my school fees,tried begging for help on the TL which yielded a positive result then how to balance up before the deadline became a huge burden which prompted me to write an email to the foundation.I got a call, asked few questions then boom credit alert of the remaining balance. I pray the foundation will continue to soar higher, blessings upon blessings in all ramifications forever and ever..Truly God sent @StillIRiseOrg at the right time..I’m so happy and grateful..God bless y’all

Ogo-oluwani Ibukunoluwa

Still I Rise is a blessing

I’m a student of Kwara State polytechnic, I was preparing for exam and it’s already a end of semester syndrome where everywhere use to dry.

No food at home, transport fare to enter school and have some handouts I have not gotten. I wrote the organization email and received a response within 24hrs. Was called on Whatsapp to provide evidence of my claim and situation….. After which I was told to drop my account details and behold I saw #15000, I was so happy and peace from no where came into my heart as if I have finished my examination…..

Thanks to the organization for putting smiles on my face and helping people all over.

God bless you and I believe in the next couple of year I will be part of those that will partner with the foundation to reach more lives.

Long live Still I Rise

Long live the workers

Long live the admin

Long live Valhalla

Oyediran Adekunle Jeremiah

Undeserving Grace

I needed 32,000 Naira to complete the payment of my fees..
I told my friend named Adekunle..
He advised me to send an email to Still I rise foundation..
Which I half-heartedly did..
I never knew they will actually respond to the email within a space of 2hours..
I was dumbfounded..
After asking me some questions and going through some processes to validate my story..
The money was sent to me..
I literally Cried😭😭..
God bless you Sir Valhalla..
God bless you Still I Rise for touching my life..
I’m eternally grateful

Emmanuel chiamaka C

Undeserving Grace🤍🤍

I was short of 32,000 Naira in paying my school fees.
I shared this problem with a friend names Adekunle..
He advised me to send an email to Still I rise foundation which I did..
To my greatest surprise the email was replied..
I answered all necessary questions for confirmation of validity..
Then the money was sent to me the same day😭😭😭..
Jesus you Love me too much ooooh
Too much oooh.
Too much oooh..
Excess love oooh🙌🙌🙌

Emmanuel Chiamaka C

My Testimony

I had an interview to attend with no hope of getting the materials I needed for the exercise and transportation fare, I reached out to StillIRise and they came to my aid immediately. God Bless this foundation and give them the Grace to help those that are really in need

Victor Ntoiden

Help at the Last minute

After friends and family with the inclusion of Trusted fund raisers failed me, i came hoping i might even get a response to say the least. This God sent organization came to my aid despite the fact that it was a last minute call situation, my hopes of moving on in life (Educational) was progressive as stillirise came to my rescue for the payment of my acceptance fee. Today 21st of may 2021, i was able to pay via the help of the organisation, my school acceptance fee and my admission was certified. I am a believer and would forever be grateful for this help i recieved unconditionally. I want to thank God fof blessing the president of this great initative and also see every member of this blessed team🙏


Ogundimu Oluwasheyi

Grateful heart

I’m indeed grateful with what this organization did for me this morning. I had issues with the payment of my fees but this organization came through for me. They helped with the payment of my sch fees. I pray that the Almighty God will continue to bless and enrich this organization.. I’m indeed grateful.

Rotimi Kolawole

Grateful Heart

I’m indeed grateful with what this organization did for me this morning. There was no way I could get this money but this organization came through for me.. I pray that the Almighty God will continue to bless this organization abundantly.

Rotimi Kolawole

God’s sent

#Still I rise thanks for your support, when I first saw your handle on Adabeke’s page I decided to go to the website and I saw a lot of testimonies from people you have blessed…I was in need of some business support but was scared to ask for that, lol not until one day we had nothing to eat I summoned courage and sent you that mail. I wasn’t even expecting a feedback I took my mind of it because I didn’t get a reply immediately not until Miss Ada sent me a mail…When we spoke on phone it was asif I have known her for long she sounded so warm and welcoming. To cut the story short
I am grateful for your support God will continue to provide for you Mr Val
God bless you

Onuigbo Esther

Life Saving

I’m short of words, don’t even know where to start, @stillorg just helped me with what the people close to me couldn’t do. life has not being easy for me ever since I graduated from school, paying my house rent and feeding but all thanks to Still I rise foundation who helped me out I really appreciate. may God bless all the staffs of I rise foundation.

Larat Saifullah Umar

Grateful Heart

I am sooo grateful to Stillirise Org for coming to my aid when I really needed it. I needed help to get foodstuffs for I and my sibling staying with me and I didn’t have cash. I sent them a mail and they came through for me and assisted me with the sum of 15,000naira. My heart is glad and I very happy. God bless all staff of Stillirise. I appreciate you all.

Chinenye Umeizu

Financial Assistance

I want to thank Stillirise organization for coming to my aid by providing financial assistance for getting foodstuffs for I and my sibling. They came through when I really needed help. The help was very timely and instant. Thank you Stillirise, God bless you.

Umeizu Chinenye

I found Favour

I am leaping for joy as I type this message because God came through for me through still I rise foundation. I was at a point in my life where I was at the verge of giving up, I was not moving, I was just stagnant. I was getting opportunities but couldn’t achieve them due to lack of funds. Then an opportunity of a lifetime came outside lagos and I was about losing it also due to lack of funds because I couldn’t raise money for an apartment, I was devastated and depressed. I usually don’t ask people for things but something just pushed me to send a mail to still I rise and thank God I did because that was when my turning point began. As we speak I have an apartment from still I rise foundation like an apartment that makes mad sense, an apartment that I actually love, where I would be able to do my baking business conveniently. A thousand thank you’s can’t show my gratitude, all I can say is may God continue to bless the president of the foundation, the staff and all those helping to put smiles on people’s faces. Thank you still I rise foundation, I am indeed grateful.

Ajisegiri Ajoke

A grateful heart

I’m very grateful , still I rise organization helped me when it seemed there was no way. My siwes defense is coming tomorrow and I was yet to get report my done or purchase a blazer for the defense.. I contacted the foundation. Via email, and they settled all the bill and gave me more than I even asked
I’m very grateful
God bless the foundation

Adedeji ini


If i start to talk, walai this place no go contain my gratitude. Just going to say thank you for the support for Easter foods and groceries. Every member of the team are wonderful people. I meet them on twitter and they have been wonderfully supportive.

Enitan Seun

Helped me in buy baby things

I’m so glad for what still I rise did for me, when I was having no hope of buying baby things due to my husband joblessness, a friend introduced me to still I rise foundation and I sent them a mail and the next thing I saw was a good news alert of 40k

God bless everyone at still I rise and double increase to everyone there

Idamaza Blessing

Awesome God

I can’t find a suitable words to describe how grateful I am when Still I Rise came through for me. I almost gave up on my quest to finding solutions to my problem, not until I said let me give it a trial by sending email to Still I Rise and to my greatest surprise my email was acknowledge the very day I sent it and I was contacted immediately. Isn’t God awesome? It took me several years/months fighting to cling through but all to avail, but God used this foundation to wipe away my sorrow. Now I can complete everything that was pending about my school stuffs.
Still I Rise as the name goes is such a rare Foundation and act just like its name. I have heard much about you and thank God I am a living testimony. May God perfect everything that concerns this organization, this organization shall grow and increase in all forms. Your act of benevolence has reached heaven.
I also want to thank all the members of this organization for their efforts and most especially to my Mentor sir Valhalla @Valhalla_X0 and also to @Scareface_OAP for reaching out to me.
May God bless, protect and guide you all. May he replenish your pocket a million times. Amen

Philip Atlas


I came across this foundation on twitter. I was at the lowest point of my life. I needed financial Assistance. Then I decided to send a mail. At first I didn’t think I was going to get help . But I got more than I expected. I had decided that it was over for me and to Think that they came through for Me this way. I will forever be grateful. God bless you .

George Olayinka Esther


February 12th 2021 was the day I came across the tweet that changed my story. I randomly bumped into a tweet from @valhalla_X0. He was talking about his experience at GTbank. I just strolled into his account and discovered that he owns a foundation @StillIRiseOrg. I decided to send a mail that same day. Few days later, I got contacted and the verification process began and completed. And the next day I got credited. A problem that has led me to several DMs online, a problem that has lasted for YEARS got solved in less than 7 days.
Words cannot express my enormous joy today. There are really helpful people left in this world. They say not all superheroes wear capes. I’ve met one of those superheroes. I’ve been liberated. Thank you very much @valhalla_X0. Thank you very much Still I Rise Foundation. I will ever be grateful to you all.

Obinna Julian

STILL I RISE Came Through

@StillIRise Organisation, I’m overwhelmed at your deeds and I’m exceedingly grateful for your assistance. Towards the ending of January, a friend of mine phoned to know when I would be resuming for the academic session which I laughed and replied saying “whenever God wills it” because there was no date in sight. I had financial challenges and my rentage in school was overdue which I explained to her. A week later I received a call from Still I Rise organisation saying my friend “Blessing” by name sent a request for assistance on my behalf and I was surprised because I never expected it. Long story short, StillIRise Organisation came through for me by paying my rentage and asif that’s not enough I was given additional cash for my upkeep. May the Lord continue to bless everyone associated to the organisation.
Thank You StillIRise Foundation

Mariah Joseph

Grateful Heart

Sincerely, I never knew it could be possible to find this kind of assistance rendered to my family by this organization at this very crucial time.
The organization supported my family in paying up my daughter’s school fees.

Am very grateful for this kind gesture extended to my family.

God bless and expand the organization in every aspect in Jesus name.

Thank you.

Ayoade Oluwafemi


So on the Feb 8th, i sent a mail to the foundation to help me sort out my house rent. Fast forward to Feb 9th. I got a call (was reluctant to pick it but then i did), an angelic voice springs up and I was told to forward my account details. Omo i was literally weeping. Alert was received with a heart full of gratitude. Mr Val has been of immense help to me not only today, there was a day he sent e 10k to balance my training fee for me and amongst other benefit. May God Almighty keep elevating him and I pay that all that he touches will always turn to gold. To the team members, i am very greatful to you all. God bless you immensely. Gracias🙏

Still I Rise

Salawudeen Quadri Akorede

I’m grateful

I was depressed and sad over my school registration which was ending soon and might stop me from sitting for exams.I came across Still I Rise Organization and now I’m grateful.I was sent 60 THOUSAND naira,I can’t even tell how joyous I am.I want to appreciate madam Aisha for being so nice and sweet.I pray God continue to bless the organization.Forward ever in Jesus name.

Oladinni Comfort

I am Grateful

I wrote to the foundation for financial assistance on my daughter’s school fee and Fund to feed my children during a pressing time…I Never expected the foundation to come to my aid so quick,after few hours verification, I was sent money ,I was speechless,God am grateful, To the management, May God never Leave nor forsake you all

Adebayo Folakemi. M.

I was saved from debts and depression

I don’t know how to start my writing but all i do know is that @stilliriseorganisation has just saved my life. I met myself in series of debts that i found it so hard to pay up, i ran out of option due to threats and i decided to ask for help by writing a mail. A beautiful lady in person of Faith called me and immediately i felt relieved even without telling her my problem yet. I explained everything to her and to my surprise she texted me the next day asking for my account number. Not up to 24hours!!!. I was sent 50k which i used to clear my debts. May heaven reward Mr Patrick and all the members of the organisation, goodness and mercy shall be your portion forever. I am really grateful

Ogunlade Ayomide Mercy

A Joyous Heart

See eh! Still I rise foundation assisted me when I had no where to turn to . I Am a single mother and I was in need of money for completion of my son’s fees ,after a friend advised me to check out still I rise foundation ,I was quite skeptical about it ,so I just gave it a shot , I first received a replying sating I couldn’t be assisted . Then the lovely miss Faith Marshall , contacted me and she took up my case like I was her sister she spoke to me with so much care like we have known each other before . and Voilà ! I was assisted to pay off some of my debt that same week. I am short of words till date today my son is in school. I want to say to everyone at Still I rise foundation. May God bless you all , and replenish you till your banks overflow . To Miss Marshall thank you for being a sister to me . I will tell the world what this foundation has don’t for me . Thank you once again.

Igajah Blessing Ndaro

They came through for me

When my businesses went down and survival was hard… Feeding my family became extremely hard.
I contacted the foundation and they came through for me in my toughest moment.
God bless everyone behind this initiative. May you never be stranded in the journey of life.

IDOWU Oluwasegun


Grace found me when I thought all hope is gone, my mum would wake up in the night tossing and turning in pains till she was diagnosed of gallstones in her bladder, stillirise came into the picture and fixed the money for her drugs and scans. In just 2days they made things easy for my mother. Words fail me buh I know God will replace in million folds the help you have my mum. God bless the team the calls and messages showed they were very concerned about it. Blessings will never elude stillirise org. Thank you

Peace Nwanyioma

Speechless is how you make me feel.

Hummmn, after looking up and down, I summoned courage to enter one person’s dm like that name with-held. The person just say I can’t do anything for you, write @STILLIRISEORGANIZATION. Meanwhile I HV already subcribed. I HV no idea one can ask for help oo. So I wrote, to my shocking surprise not up to 2days I was attended too. I said to myself is this that easy? A very sweet soul attended to me Ooo. In person of Faith Marshalls. Well, That source of wealth will never ever run dry. It will over flow Amen. My thanks goes God, an Angel in disguise. A selfless being. God bless @stilliriseorgasation. Oops my baby also benefited he got shoes beautiful shoes though yet to be received. this organization will keep wearing beautiful shoes to greater heights. Amen

Bridget Oloyede

My Guardian Angel

I don’t even know what to say
Sir Valhalla has been a great help to me
I barely know him but he has done a lot for me
Last month when I got a scholarship to learn fashion designing I was stomped cuz I didnt have any money to pay for the registration, polo and materials
I turned to him and he payed everything
I asked him to help me with foodstuffs today and he did
He did not say that he has helped me before so he can’t help me again
I am very thankful
Just as u wiped my tears and made me happy today, Almighty Allah will continue to bless you
Thank you very much sir
God bless you

Abisoye Oladokun

Prayer for the foundation

Am happy for the good things this foundation have been doing so far, even through am yet to benefit but am very grateful for this foundation, the way u people have been touching lives and pray that God will continue to bless u people and also wish that you people will help me so I can be able to buy foodstuffs for my family while traveling to the village this weekend,Gob bless @StilllRise

Johnson Ezenwanyi victory

Prayer for the foundation

I bless God for such a wonderful foundation, for using u people to touch life’s, Although I haven’t benefited anything from u people before but am happy for the good work and pray that God will continue to bless u people and pray that I become part of this Christmas give away at least to be able to buy foodstuffs for my family this Christmas. Thanks

Johnson Ezenwanyi victory

Heart of Gold

I gave my testimony Heart of Gold…indeed thats what Still i rise are….first of all i didn’t know there is a foundation called that name untill uncle Valhala followed me on twitter…and i was so exited and dm him and said am grateful sir…to my greatest surprise he replied me..ever since then have been following his tweet and all…till the day i needed help for my daughter and i wrote to the foundation before i could see…anty oma called me and speak with my daughter then asked me to send my details…wow am so so exited and quickly rush to twitter to thank the foundation and also dm the Boss uncle Valhala……..but today again they come to my rescue when my daughter was on sick bed…and have no option than to wrote again and this aunty Faith Mashal called and speak with me and my daughter…the next thing i heard is send ur details…and she sent me 15k to take my daughter to hospital…….*sigh*…..i just wanna thank u guys for always being there for me and my daughter…u guys are my God sent angel…God will never shame anyone of u IJN🙏

Balikis Raman

Balikis Raman

Medical Bill Assistance

I’m so grateful for the timely support stillIrise gave me for my pregnant wife’s medical bill… God will continue to replenish your source of income! Thanks for saving more than a life! Gracia’s

Simon Walter

I am very grateful

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this Foundation. I was ill and needed to buy some drugs, and the Foundation helped me with that. I want to thank the founder of this great Foundation. As you have met me at the point of my need, God will also meet you at the point of your needs. I really appreciate it.

Gbenupo Cadmus


It was like a joke, before it become a reality.i thank God for using Still I Rise to start a business for me. I contacted them and they came through for me.Thanks to still i rise organisation may God bless them in jesus name Amen

Ucha Annabel

I just want to say thank you S.I.R

I just want to thank the still i rise organisation for choosing me as a beneficiary for the Abuja outreach in giving me a sewing machine..i stubbled at this platform on Twitter and i sent an email about my need, and to my surprise i was called to come get my sewing machine..God bless you all, Long Live the Still i Rise Organisation.

Ekhesomi priscilia

My Unimaginable blessing.

I’m soo much grateful to the founder or #StillIRise, it was him that brought me back to another beginning. When I was chosen to be among those to be supported for the business. Today I’m now selling some spare in addition to the work I’m doing. My earnest wish and prayers is that God will remain faithful to him. And may God bless him sooo much that even his enemies will testify for it.

Miracle Mimisco Ugokwe


Words can’t describe how grateful I am, but all I know is still I rise organization is truly a God sent organization. My son was very heal and stemming from the fact that I’d lost my job during the peak covid era I had limited fund to my access.
His sickness took all the money I had on me and I was left stranded, no money, no helper and an heal son to care for.
Contacted still rise and I was helped not once but twice helping me upset pending bill in a matter of urgency.
With the way y’all came through for me and my family, I pray none of y’all would never experience any want. The earth shall rotate in your Favour. Thank you so much #grateful

Tolulope Micheal


I stumbled on their page on twitter and became a fan… Just like that I have been getting favors financially, psychologically and even Academically all thanks to the organisation!

James John


I got married last year and just few weeks after getting married,my husband lost his only source of income. Life as newly married couple became days and moments of worries and heartache…I couldn’t ask for help from my folks because they were against me marrying a deltan. After fruitless search for jobs,someone gave my husband a bike on hire purchase… Shortly after he got the bike,the ban on okada started leaving him in a deep depression because he had debt to pay and couldn’t provide for the family. Then,one night I found My husband trying to take his own life… I reached out to the organization through Miss Adabeke and Miss Hajaar…They cleared all of our debts and gifted him extra to take care of the family… We can’t thank him enough…
PS:I was heavily pregnant when we got married,so I had to stop working…
We love you VALHALLA

Abosede Oyebamiji Nelson


I am a fashion designer who works from home. I have four kids and due to this pandemic, it’s been almost impossible to feed. I heard about www.stilliriseorganisation.com on Instagram and decided to contact them. Surprisingly, I got a response within 24hrs. I was supported financially. This really came to me as a shock because I wasn’t expecting it. May almighty God who sees in secret bless every individual of @stillrise openly.

Okpara Nina Ngozi


In January, I needed to be in school but I was so broke I couldn’t even afford transportation fare. Miraculously, @StillIRiseOrg reached out to me and I was credited with a 20,000 naira. So many people have been blessed through this organization, we pray the good Lord will continue to perfect all that concerns you and yours and may He continue to bless and strengthen you. Amen.


Angels on earth

I was battling depression and inability to do my manly responsibilities due to financial constraints. My son fell terribly sick, i was in huge debts, had to pay hospital bills and i had nobody to help, so i prayed and fasted, i was down, i decided to sell my twitter accounts to raise funds but unfortunately i fell in the hands of scammers, i lost hope but then God showed his mighty hands through Valhalla. i paid all debts, my son was well and i had reserve for the festivity period.

I thank God for making me part of his change makers. God bless STILL I RISE ORGANIZATION. God bless MR PATRICK!

Bamisaye Oluwaseun


Words fail me to express how grateful i am to this wonderful people. My mom’s business folded up months ago because it was the only source of livelihood for us, and there was no support or funds to fill up the outflows. Things we’re really tough. Then one day, I saw a tweep about @stilliriseorg help. I sent them an email explaining our situation. The next day, i got a call from them and after enquiring more, they sent some money for my mom to start up her business again.
We’re really grateful for this. We sure are. My mom is grateful. My sister is. We all are. Thank you for putting smiles back on our faces. Thanks to @stilliriseorg. May God continue to repay y’all ❤

Esthella Ejimchukwu

My mom was given a second chance!!

@StillIRiseOrg meet my family on 22/02/2020 and by 24/02/2020 this is the total amount that has help us with #101, 680 .

We are very grateful to your foundation. We say a very big thank.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

Tope Ogunbowale

A selfless giver

I never imagined meeting someone who would care for me, someone who would show me what love and care truly is, what it is to be a selfless giver
When it seems like av lost it all @StillIRise.Org came to my aid and my school fees of 1st semester yr1 was cleared 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . Am forever grateful

William Ataisi Patience


Am so happy, stilliriseorg thanks so much, thanks for helping me pay my house rent, and for helping with my Mom’s treatment .
God bless you richly.

Osigwe blessing ngozi

My mom received a huge financial support for her medical care

@StillIRiseOrg meet my family on 22/02/2020 and by 24/02/2020 this is the total amount that has help us with #101, 680 to assist in my Mums diabetic treatment and also money for our daily upkeep and Mum’s drugs

We are very grateful to your foundation. We say a very big thank.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

Tope Ogunbowale

God loves a cheerful giver

From the depth of my heart, I am beyond grateful.
@stillirise helped me with 70k to kick start my business and this is a life changing opportunity for me. Thank you 🙏 I pray God strengthen you and I hope to help people too one day.

Akanni Grace

Short of words

My brother was admitted for ruptured appendix and he had to undergo an emergency surgery
Except for the deposit initially, no money was forthcoming for his discharge I saw a testimony on Twitter how @stilliriseorg helped someone I decided to try half-heartedly but within a few minutes I received a call from someone asking about my brother and some verification. Stilliriseorg sent me 60k to complete his deposit and for his upkeep.
I’m still short of words, May God continue to bless everyone at stilliriseorg.
Thank you so much

Chinecherem Joy James

Helped five children to go back school

Good day everyone, I want to use this medium to say thank you to #StillIRise foundation, for taking care of five children who always come to my compound after school, they were sent home because of school uniform, Still I Rise foundation didn’t only paid for there uniform they also paid for there Text books, shoes, Notebooks, thank you Still I Rise foundation. God bless you all

Amadi Chimankpam sunny


I will forever be grateful for the support received from @StillIRiseOrg. It was like a dream Oma asked me to send my account details on that special night, the day Valhalla did his birthday. The sum of 50,000 was sent to me to start up my Quick-Teller business. The shackles of poverty was proven, Adeyemi received a whole 50k grant. I was speechless for some hours. I thank God for the opportunity. I thank Valhalla for coming through. God bless the Wonderful Organisation. We shall forever Rise no matter the huddles, challenges that comes with life. God bless STILL I RISE.

Adeyemi Yusuf Mustapha

Family found

Well I remember when I came across them around October at then I was to travel and I didn’t have enough to travel with only for me to ask Oma one of the Still I Rise member and boom she asked for my details and send me 5000 wow it was one of the happiest day because I asked family relatives but none helped me and since then I’ve received countless help whenever I asked so they are family that I’ve found so i can’t tank them enough may the good lord continue to bless them beyond expectations

Yahaya abdulrahman muhammad

I got my respect back from my family

@StillIRiseOrg Woke to the news of my sisters health condition & she got admitted early this morning. I was so confused but something inside me told me to give @StillIRiseOrg a try. I sent a message about my sisters health to the mail & I got an instant reply + a phone call from StillIrise foundation. The lady who called showed more concern about my sisters Heath condition than me self because she kept messaging to back up my request with documents & boom, I got a whopping 40k alert. No one in my family ever imagine I can clear my sisters hospital bill…
Thank God and Thank the Management and Team of StillIRise Foundation.

Sadare Alex O

God Sent. A Man of Grace

I thank God everyday for coming In contact with Valhalla, StillIRise Foundation has been a helping hand , I remember I was among his 2k followers back then, one faithful day I saw his tweet and I said Boss can you support my maritime Academy training with 5k , boom he told me to DM him and I got the 5k , I was also among the PH followers that won bedsheet , during the new year giveaway, I was suppressed to see my handle for 5k . Man of Grace as I always call you, I pray for your heart desires to be granted. God bless you

Amadi Chimankpam sunny

Cheerfull giver

I woke up one saturday mornin like dat.only 2 see my notifications popping, @omytunde ,mentioned “DM ur details 2 oma. I was like wow. Nov 20th 2019. D date was d day I reach 10yrs on Twitter. Wat a way 2 celebrate a decade twiterversary. #StillIRise #Valhallans . We rise by helping each oda . May U alwaz be happy

Babatunde Omiyanju

Singled Out

It’s indeed with great pleasure I find myself soaring amongst the Blessed few on Earth. Before December 2019,I own and run an online shop that wasn’t really getting patronage as any business person would love to, kept either loosing or not getting customers at all and I kept brainstorming on how best to increase sales, gain visibility and of course still be in business. Then BOOM!!! It came via this organization(financially, moral support and otherwise) and I can tell everyone who cares to listen and hear that it’s been from one level of Grace to another, I’ve done business with persons I never imagined I could even speak to and it’s been a rosy one. I am grateful to everyone who’s been instrumental to this growth,thank you for all you do for humanity, thank you so much. Keep RISING!!!


Grateful Heart

Bless the day I joined TWITTER
I’ve meet a lot of amazing souls on this App❤️ Most especially the Still I Rise Organisation. @StillIRiseOrg is a blessing to me.. I pray God continue to strengthen the organisation financially, physically… More wisdom
I stan

Omotoyinbo seun

Greatful soul

Jokingly one beautiful evening I followed @Chelsea_9ja, he said if u are a new follower drop ur handle which I did too. Surprisingly I was picked for 5k, that money came at the right time oo, cos there was nothing for my kids and I to eat. Then he changed his handle to @StillIRiseOrg, I went to his dm and begged him for the construction my school toilet in October 2019, this angel in human form asked me how much, I told him 40k but I have 15k, so I need just 25k. Boom he gave me 30k..God has used this founder of this organization to bless so many lives, I’m glad and I bless God for giving him this vision. Thank you Still I Rise Organisation, ur name is written in gold and we love you very much sir!!
Long life @StillIRiseOrg

Fadeyi omolara

Heaven sent

Still I Rise Organization has been a blessing to my life. I received a financial benefit of 50k to start up my poultry business, it was indeed a day i can never forget in my life. I’m forever greatful to this organization.

Azeez mariam Temilola

Not all superheroes wear capes!!!

I can boast and say I’ve benefited more from the founder of ‘StillIrise’ than anyone else here as I have been blessed even before Twitter came along.

While you know them as @StillIRiseOrg on Twitter, ive know him as a big bro, cousin, mentor and “small daddy”. I’ve honestly lost count of the financial assistance they have rendered and while I’m always mind blown by their charity, seeing them do this for people they has never met is something that’s more amazing.

I have no doubt that this project would be amazing and more life would be touched by Them!

Keep setting the pace @StillIRiseOrg!

Ifeanyi C.


The journey with Still I Rise Organisation started October 2019 and it has been a wonderful one.
They have helped me financially in several occasions, I pray may God continue to bless the team behind the name Still I Rise.

Taiwo Idris

Short of words!!!

If only I could put everything into writing , what God has done for me through this organization. The first was that I tagged friends to follow them on twitter and was shocked when I was gifted #5000 for Doing so. I was so surprised and dumbfounded… not to talk of other surprises like airtime and data subscription.
Another shocking moment was when I was so down financial wise, never told anybody ,only to see a tweet asking me to d.m account details for 20000 naira… I ran out of my room screaming. Not just me but a lot of people have also benefited from this organization..
I pray this organization continues to grow and never crumble… #StillIRise

Adekunle Adewusi

A grateful soul

Am just short of words now with what @StillIRiseOrg did for me now,this isn’t d first time they have helped me out in terms of hard days..first they helped me pay a debt I was owing last year December,secondly they helped me balance my house rent again…..Still I Rise Foundation is such a rare foundation cos not everyone has such a heart of gold…please permit me to say this….ur source of joy,ur source of money will never run dry,just as ure lending a helping hand to people on the street without knowing them,nothing shall be difficult for u and ur entire family ijn….May ur kindness be rewarded bountiful by God’s grace sir

Thanks so much @StillIRiseOrg

Akintunde Folake


#StillIRise I can’t thank God enough on your behalf for all you’ve been doing for me.. Let me start from when I got a place to do my IT, transportation was a problem.. I spoke to him about it, and to my greatest surprise he sent me 10,000 naira, which for over two months it served me, why will just forget so quickly when I had issues with my phone screen, he came to my rescue, I fixed my phone screen, just recently, after I struggled to pay my school fees for my final year.. I was left with little or nothing and I needed to apply for a space in the hostel.. It was like magic to me, he cleared that off my neck.. Seriously.. There has never been a Godsent av met on this earth like #StillIRise.. And there wunt be any better off than him.. My only prayer is.. God continue to replenish his purse and protect him from the eyes of the evil ones.. #StillIRise God will bless you in billion folds..


Gods Grace

Early January when school resumed and I couldn’t complete my hostel registration due to lack of stability,One day faithful Friday I saw a tweep appreciating @StillIRiseOrg so I said me self lemme try my luck after following him I couldn’t access his DM and I was to to shy to tell him my needs over the TL. Due to so many followers of his i knew it was gonna be hard for me to get his attention so I just decided to be following his tweets until one day I saw another tweep appreciating him again but this time around @Scarface_OAP so I followed her and boom within a day my request was granted.Besides that my mum wasn’t feeling fine Still I Rise came to the rescue.Day before yesterday after writing a poem all of a sudden I saw a msg to Dm my details and then this time around my account didn’t shake rather my account scattered. Words won’t be enough to explain everything all I can say may the lord bless them. Still I Rise May the lord always be with you

Ammar Muazu

Heaven sent

Every body believes their are good people in the world but are yet to find any…but I found the good people who CARES to the core…am gr8ful to stillIRise foundation for a total surport towards the paying of my school fee..Mr Patrick I pray you never want nor desire anything in this life before they come to you..AMEN

Amadi believe Darlington


I have been greatly blessed by Still I Rise Foundation. My daughter would have missed her MOCK examination if not for their intervention. I do not have to beg nor lobby, I only requested for her School fee and within a twinkle of an eye, I was given.
Still I Rise has a large Golden Heart, when you call on one, a thousand will answer you, nothing shall by any means hurt you and yours. “O ti n da, ai da mo, ko ni je ti re ni ase Edumare, Amin”.
May this foundation grow from strength to strength, may they be increased and established mightily. We are indeed grateful. We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Abiodun Adedayo

An Angel on earth

Yes i gave my Testimony An Angel on earth for indeed the founder of Still I Rise Organization is an Angel on earth, They has blessed me twice and the blessings came when i least expected, Still I Rise has helped a lot of people which i was privileged to be amongst them, Still I Rise is huge blessing to this generation. May God perfect everything that concerns the organisation and may he meet them at their point of needs. God bless Still I Rise Organization!!!
Iya Ijo cares.

Adedire Damilola


I met them on social media (twitter) I DM them with my problem and to my greatest surprise I was shocked with the alert I received from them, ever since then they have been helping and patronizing my DATA/AIRTIME BUSINESS, I pray God will continue to increase them. God bless them for US


Blessed beyond measure

It was indeed a blessed faithful November afternoon for me on the street of Twitter when I just reluctantly followed a handle @ChelseaFC now known as @Vallahal… What happened next was never expected, next thing my handle was tagged and ”boooom”.., I won 10k for being his 2999th follower on Twitter… I was wowed. As if that was not enough, Christmas 2019 was another wonderful time. Got two beautiful footwear from him and cash gift followed too… A lot of people have gained from him even up till this time… “The man with a heart of Gold” … Greater heights in Jesus Name. The project will not fail in your hands.
Heart you big time 🤗❤️


God Sent.

I was surprised when Still I Rise Organization choose me to be among the Christmas beneficiaries because as at that time, I didn’t have any money on me but to my surprise God sent the Organization to me. Thank you very much, May God continue to bless the movement.

Adewale Emmanuel Omololu

Grace Found Me

I am indeed a grateful heart who grace found on the street of Twitter.
Still I rise foundation has been of great blessing to me since the month of November 2019 till date..Financially this foundation is sustaining and blessing me. Also Working for the founder of this foundation is a great privilege one that I do not regret at all. I can’t name all this foundation has done for me but I am extremely GRATEFUL. Keep up the great work

John Faith Marshall O.

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