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I am not wealthy , influential or all the niceties people think I’m favored with.

I struggle with my daily needs , I work hard to be greater and to be where I am currently positioned in life .

In spite of the daily struggles , I have come to realize that a Man that has no shoes is way more favored than one that has no legs.

I grew up in a time , where we needed a lot but the world gave so little . Friends , relatives all turned their back on us. Three square meal was a luxury, but my Parents had to borrow to make sure we were educated and well fed

I lived a comfortable life not because we had enough but because my Parents made sure we didn’t lack at great costs .

The story has long changed now and I’m glad that my upbringing changed my view to life.

People get scorned and humiliated because they cannot afford to cater for themselves .

Men and ladies alike are subjected to inhumane actions for them to be provided with succor.

Still I Rise Foundation was borne out of the need to change the world one person at a time . To make people see a reason to smile , to assist people with no strings attached , to help heal the broken, put a smile on the faces of the downtrodden and make the world a better place.

The foundation still has a long way to go , we cannot do it all alone . I hope you assist us in any way you can . Morally with your well wishes and support, spiritually with your prayers and financially to help reach out to more of the underprivileged in our society.

I have been blessed with seasoned team members who make the job of catering for the poor actually fun . We are still growing and despite the current economic situation , we remain resilient in our cause

written by Mr Chiedu

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Our works in numbers

We have had over a thousand confirmed cases, but we have been able to attend to 500


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Health care and Feeding




Business support


Widows and orphanages


My mom was given a second chance!!

@StillIRiseOrg meet my family on 22/02/2020 and by 24/02/2020 this is the total amount that has help us with #101, 680 .

We are very grateful to your foundation. We say a very big thank.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

Tope Ogunbowale

A grateful soul

Am just short of words now with what @StillIRiseOrg did for me now,this isn’t d first time they have helped me out in terms of hard days..first they helped me pay a debt I was owing last year December,secondly they helped me balance my house rent again…..Still I Rise Foundation is such a rare foundation cos not everyone has such a heart of gold…please permit me to say this….ur source of joy,ur source of money will never run dry,just as ure lending a helping hand to people on the street without knowing them,nothing shall be difficult for u and ur entire family ijn….May ur kindness be rewarded bountiful by God’s grace sir

Thanks so much @StillIRiseOrg

Akintunde Folake

My mom received a huge financial support for her medical care

@StillIRiseOrg meet my family on 22/02/2020 and by 24/02/2020 this is the total amount that has help us with #101, 680 to assist in my Mums diabetic treatment and also money for our daily upkeep and Mum’s drugs

We are very grateful to your foundation. We say a very big thank.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

Tope Ogunbowale


Am so happy, stilliriseorg thanks so much, thanks for helping me pay my house rent, and for helping with my Mom’s treatment .
God bless you richly.

Osigwe blessing ngozi

Family found

Well I remember when I came across them around October at then I was to travel and I didn’t have enough to travel with only for me to ask Oma one of the Still I Rise member and boom she asked for my details and send me 5000 wow it was one of the happiest day because I asked family relatives but none helped me and since then I’ve received countless help whenever I asked so they are family that I’ve found so i can’t tank them enough may the good lord continue to bless them beyond expectations

Yahaya abdulrahman muhammad


#StillIRise I can’t thank God enough on your behalf for all you’ve been doing for me.. Let me start from when I got a place to do my IT, transportation was a problem.. I spoke to him about it, and to my greatest surprise he sent me 10,000 naira, which for over two months it served me, why will just forget so quickly when I had issues with my phone screen, he came to my rescue, I fixed my phone screen, just recently, after I struggled to pay my school fees for my final year.. I was left with little or nothing and I needed to apply for a space in the hostel.. It was like magic to me, he cleared that off my neck.. Seriously.. There has never been a Godsent av met on this earth like #StillIRise.. And there wunt be any better off than him.. My only prayer is.. God continue to replenish his purse and protect him from the eyes of the evil ones.. #StillIRise God will bless you in billion folds..


Short of words!!!

If only I could put everything into writing , what God has done for me through this organization. The first was that I tagged friends to follow them on twitter and was shocked when I was gifted #5000 for Doing so. I was so surprised and dumbfounded… not to talk of other surprises like airtime and data subscription.
Another shocking moment was when I was so down financial wise, never told anybody ,only to see a tweet asking me to d.m account details for 20000 naira… I ran out of my room screaming. Not just me but a lot of people have also benefited from this organization..
I pray this organization continues to grow and never crumble… #StillIRise

Adekunle Adewusi


I am a fashion designer who works from home. I have four kids and due to this pandemic, it’s been almost impossible to feed. I heard about www.stilliriseorganisation.com on Instagram and decided to contact them. Surprisingly, I got a response within 24hrs. I was supported financially. This really came to me as a shock because I wasn’t expecting it. May almighty God who sees in secret bless every individual of @stillrise openly.

Okpara Nina Ngozi

Cheerfull giver

I woke up one saturday mornin like dat.only 2 see my notifications popping, @omytunde ,mentioned “DM ur details 2 oma. I was like wow. Nov 20th 2019. D date was d day I reach 10yrs on Twitter. Wat a way 2 celebrate a decade twiterversary. #StillIRise #Valhallans . We rise by helping each oda . May U alwaz be happy

Babatunde Omiyanju

Blessed beyond measure

It was indeed a blessed faithful November afternoon for me on the street of Twitter when I just reluctantly followed a handle @ChelseaFC now known as @Vallahal… What happened next was never expected, next thing my handle was tagged and ”boooom”.., I won 10k for being his 2999th follower on Twitter… I was wowed. As if that was not enough, Christmas 2019 was another wonderful time. Got two beautiful footwear from him and cash gift followed too… A lot of people have gained from him even up till this time… “The man with a heart of Gold” … Greater heights in Jesus Name. The project will not fail in your hands.
Heart you big time 🤗❤️


I got my respect back from my family

@StillIRiseOrg Woke to the news of my sisters health condition & she got admitted early this morning. I was so confused but something inside me told me to give @StillIRiseOrg a try. I sent a message about my sisters health to the mail & I got an instant reply + a phone call from StillIrise foundation. The lady who called showed more concern about my sisters Heath condition than me self because she kept messaging to back up my request with documents & boom, I got a whopping 40k alert. No one in my family ever imagine I can clear my sisters hospital bill…
Thank God and Thank the Management and Team of StillIRise Foundation.

Sadare Alex O

Grateful Heart

Bless the day I joined TWITTER
I’ve meet a lot of amazing souls on this App❤️ Most especially the Still I Rise Organisation. @StillIRiseOrg is a blessing to me.. I pray God continue to strengthen the organisation financially, physically… More wisdom
I stan

Omotoyinbo seun

Short of words

My brother was admitted for ruptured appendix and he had to undergo an emergency surgery
Except for the deposit initially, no money was forthcoming for his discharge I saw a testimony on Twitter how @stilliriseorg helped someone I decided to try half-heartedly but within a few minutes I received a call from someone asking about my brother and some verification. Stilliriseorg sent me 60k to complete his deposit and for his upkeep.
I’m still short of words, May God continue to bless everyone at stilliriseorg.
Thank you so much

Chinecherem Joy James

Heaven sent

Every body believes their are good people in the world but are yet to find any…but I found the good people who CARES to the core…am gr8ful to stillIRise foundation for a total surport towards the paying of my school fee..Mr Patrick I pray you never want nor desire anything in this life before they come to you..AMEN

Amadi believe Darlington

A selfless giver

I never imagined meeting someone who would care for me, someone who would show me what love and care truly is, what it is to be a selfless giver
When it seems like av lost it all @StillIRise.Org came to my aid and my school fees of 1st semester yr1 was cleared 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . Am forever grateful

William Ataisi Patience


The journey with Still I Rise Organisation started October 2019 and it has been a wonderful one.
They have helped me financially in several occasions, I pray may God continue to bless the team behind the name Still I Rise.

Taiwo Idris

Helped five children to go back school

Good day everyone, I want to use this medium to say thank you to #StillIRise foundation, for taking care of five children who always come to my compound after school, they were sent home because of school uniform, Still I Rise foundation didn’t only paid for there uniform they also paid for there Text books, shoes, Notebooks, thank you Still I Rise foundation. God bless you all

Amadi Chimankpam sunny

Not all superheroes wear capes!!!

I can boast and say I’ve benefited more from the founder of ‘StillIrise’ than anyone else here as I have been blessed even before Twitter came along.

While you know them as @StillIRiseOrg on Twitter, ive know him as a big bro, cousin, mentor and “small daddy”. I’ve honestly lost count of the financial assistance they have rendered and while I’m always mind blown by their charity, seeing them do this for people they has never met is something that’s more amazing.

I have no doubt that this project would be amazing and more life would be touched by Them!

Keep setting the pace @StillIRiseOrg!

Ifeanyi C.

Heaven sent

Still I Rise Organization has been a blessing to my life. I received a financial benefit of 50k to start up my poultry business, it was indeed a day i can never forget in my life. I’m forever greatful to this organization.

Azeez mariam Temilola


I will forever be grateful for the support received from @StillIRiseOrg. It was like a dream Oma asked me to send my account details on that special night, the day Valhalla did his birthday. The sum of 50,000 was sent to me to start up my Quick-Teller business. The shackles of poverty was proven, Adeyemi received a whole 50k grant. I was speechless for some hours. I thank God for the opportunity. I thank Valhalla for coming through. God bless the Wonderful Organisation. We shall forever Rise no matter the huddles, challenges that comes with life. God bless STILL I RISE.

Adeyemi Yusuf Mustapha

God loves a cheerful giver

From the depth of my heart, I am beyond grateful.
@stillirise helped me with 70k to kick start my business and this is a life changing opportunity for me. Thank you 🙏 I pray God strengthen you and I hope to help people too one day.

Akanni Grace


I got married last year and just few weeks after getting married,my husband lost his only source of income. Life as newly married couple became days and moments of worries and heartache…I couldn’t ask for help from my folks because they were against me marrying a deltan. After fruitless search for jobs,someone gave my husband a bike on hire purchase… Shortly after he got the bike,the ban on okada started leaving him in a deep depression because he had debt to pay and couldn’t provide for the family. Then,one night I found My husband trying to take his own life… I reached out to the organization through Miss Adabeke and Miss Hajaar…They cleared all of our debts and gifted him extra to take care of the family… We can’t thank him enough…
PS:I was heavily pregnant when we got married,so I had to stop working…
We love you VALHALLA

Abosede Oyebamiji Nelson

God Sent.

I was surprised when Still I Rise Organization choose me to be among the Christmas beneficiaries because as at that time, I didn’t have any money on me but to my surprise God sent the Organization to me. Thank you very much, May God continue to bless the movement.

Adewale Emmanuel Omololu

Angels on earth

I was battling depression and inability to do my manly responsibilities due to financial constraints. My son fell terribly sick, i was in huge debts, had to pay hospital bills and i had nobody to help, so i prayed and fasted, i was down, i decided to sell my twitter accounts to raise funds but unfortunately i fell in the hands of scammers, i lost hope but then God showed his mighty hands through Valhalla. i paid all debts, my son was well and i had reserve for the festivity period.

I thank God for making me part of his change makers. God bless STILL I RISE ORGANIZATION. God bless MR PATRICK!

Bamisaye Oluwaseun

An Angel on earth

Yes i gave my Testimony An Angel on earth for indeed the founder of Still I Rise Organization is an Angel on earth, They has blessed me twice and the blessings came when i least expected, Still I Rise has helped a lot of people which i was privileged to be amongst them, Still I Rise is huge blessing to this generation. May God perfect everything that concerns the organisation and may he meet them at their point of needs. God bless Still I Rise Organization!!!
Iya Ijo cares.

Adedire Damilola

Gods Grace

Early January when school resumed and I couldn’t complete my hostel registration due to lack of stability,One day faithful Friday I saw a tweep appreciating @StillIRiseOrg so I said me self lemme try my luck after following him I couldn’t access his DM and I was to to shy to tell him my needs over the TL. Due to so many followers of his i knew it was gonna be hard for me to get his attention so I just decided to be following his tweets until one day I saw another tweep appreciating him again but this time around @Scarface_OAP so I followed her and boom within a day my request was granted.Besides that my mum wasn’t feeling fine Still I Rise came to the rescue.Day before yesterday after writing a poem all of a sudden I saw a msg to Dm my details and then this time around my account didn’t shake rather my account scattered. Words won’t be enough to explain everything all I can say may the lord bless them. Still I Rise May the lord always be with you

Ammar Muazu

Singled Out

It’s indeed with great pleasure I find myself soaring amongst the Blessed few on Earth. Before December 2019,I own and run an online shop that wasn’t really getting patronage as any business person would love to, kept either loosing or not getting customers at all and I kept brainstorming on how best to increase sales, gain visibility and of course still be in business. Then BOOM!!! It came via this organization(financially, moral support and otherwise) and I can tell everyone who cares to listen and hear that it’s been from one level of Grace to another, I’ve done business with persons I never imagined I could even speak to and it’s been a rosy one. I am grateful to everyone who’s been instrumental to this growth,thank you for all you do for humanity, thank you so much. Keep RISING!!!



In January, I needed to be in school but I was so broke I couldn’t even afford transportation fare. Miraculously, @StillIRiseOrg reached out to me and I was credited with a 20,000 naira. So many people have been blessed through this organization, we pray the good Lord will continue to perfect all that concerns you and yours and may He continue to bless and strengthen you. Amen.


Grace Found Me

I am indeed a grateful heart who grace found on the street of Twitter.
Still I rise foundation has been of great blessing to me since the month of November 2019 till date..Financially this foundation is sustaining and blessing me. Also Working for the founder of this foundation is a great privilege one that I do not regret at all. I can’t name all this foundation has done for me but I am extremely GRATEFUL. Keep up the great work

John Faith Marshall O.

God Sent. A Man of Grace

I thank God everyday for coming In contact with Valhalla, StillIRise Foundation has been a helping hand , I remember I was among his 2k followers back then, one faithful day I saw his tweet and I said Boss can you support my maritime Academy training with 5k , boom he told me to DM him and I got the 5k , I was also among the PH followers that won bedsheet , during the new year giveaway, I was suppressed to see my handle for 5k . Man of Grace as I always call you, I pray for your heart desires to be granted. God bless you

Amadi Chimankpam sunny


I stumbled on their page on twitter and became a fan… Just like that I have been getting favors financially, psychologically and even Academically all thanks to the organisation!

James John


I have been greatly blessed by Still I Rise Foundation. My daughter would have missed her MOCK examination if not for their intervention. I do not have to beg nor lobby, I only requested for her School fee and within a twinkle of an eye, I was given.
Still I Rise has a large Golden Heart, when you call on one, a thousand will answer you, nothing shall by any means hurt you and yours. “O ti n da, ai da mo, ko ni je ti re ni ase Edumare, Amin”.
May this foundation grow from strength to strength, may they be increased and established mightily. We are indeed grateful. We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Abiodun Adedayo


I met them on social media (twitter) I DM them with my problem and to my greatest surprise I was shocked with the alert I received from them, ever since then they have been helping and patronizing my DATA/AIRTIME BUSINESS, I pray God will continue to increase them. God bless them for US



Words fail me to express how grateful i am to this wonderful people. My mom’s business folded up months ago because it was the only source of livelihood for us, and there was no support or funds to fill up the outflows. Things we’re really tough. Then one day, I saw a tweep about @stilliriseorg help. I sent them an email explaining our situation. The next day, i got a call from them and after enquiring more, they sent some money for my mom to start up her business again.
We’re really grateful for this. We sure are. My mom is grateful. My sister is. We all are. Thank you for putting smiles back on our faces. Thanks to @stilliriseorg. May God continue to repay y’all ❤

Esthella Ejimchukwu

Greatful soul

Jokingly one beautiful evening I followed @Chelsea_9ja, he said if u are a new follower drop ur handle which I did too. Surprisingly I was picked for 5k, that money came at the right time oo, cos there was nothing for my kids and I to eat. Then he changed his handle to @StillIRiseOrg, I went to his dm and begged him for the construction my school toilet in October 2019, this angel in human form asked me how much, I told him 40k but I have 15k, so I need just 25k. Boom he gave me 30k..God has used this founder of this organization to bless so many lives, I’m glad and I bless God for giving him this vision. Thank you Still I Rise Organisation, ur name is written in gold and we love you very much sir!!
Long life @StillIRiseOrg

Fadeyi omolara

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